Plastic vs. Metal Herb Grinders: Which One is Best for You?

Simply put, if you smoke on a daily basis and don’t have a grinder, you are putting way too much work into your smoking sessions. Many people who smoke are after that smooth, consistent flavor every time, and a grinder is the perfect solution to make sure you get the most from your botanicals.

There are a variety of grinders on the market, and for good reason. Many smokers are turning to grinders to help make breaking up their bud easier than ever before. With so many different types of grinders on the market with only subtle differences, it can be difficult to decide on which is best for you. Some go through a variety of grinders – spending a lot of money – before finally settling on the best one for their needs.

Before investing your hard earned money into a grinder, make sure you are getting your money’s worth and choosing the right material – and design – that gives you that perfect grind every time.


Metal Herb Grinders

The metal or aluminum herb grinders are by far the most popular models on the market.  However, not all metal grinders are created equal.  The best herb grinders are made from high-grade anodized aluminum and the metal components are built to last a lifetime.  While regular use may put a lot of pressure on otherwise less expensive grinders, solid metal grinders are sturdy and produce a consistent grind that maximizes your smoking materials.  One caveat however is that if purchasing a multi-chamber grinder, the grinder screens do not last that long, so it’s best to purchase a grinder that you can replace or change the screen.  Kannastör® grinders even take it a step further and allow you to choose different screens to better suit your personal preferences for collecting pollen.

So how exactly do metal grinders help maximize your herbs? The answer is in the grinding teeth.  Metal grinders feature strategically placed teeth to help break down the bud into a consistent, even blend to bring out the best flavor and aroma.   Cheaper metal grinders may break off  teeth under normal use,  so it’s good to have a grinder with a warranty to back up the quality.

After each use, caring for a metal herb grinder is quick and easy. Just simply disassemble your grinder piece-by-piece before cleaning off the parts with rubbing alcohol and warm water to remove any hardened residue – keeping your grinder in perfect condition for as long as can be.

Plastic Herb Grinders

Plastic herb grinders, while easier on the budget, aren’t the first choice for experienced smokers. The plastic or acrylic style grinders may give off fumes that can be transferred to your herb, causing you to potentially inhale harmful toxins that have been traced to some cancers.  The cheap cost doesn’t come without reason either.  Most plastic grinders are also prone to jamming up, meaning the halves won’t twist against each other anymore and rendering the grinder useless.

Another issue with plastic grinders is that their teeth often just aren’t strong enough to cut your herb. If you notice your plastic grinder is missing some of its teeth, then you should make sure they’re aren’t other pieces missing from the grinder.  Regardless, a plastic grinder will never match the quality grind you’ll find with a high-quality aluminum grinder, and you’ll likely struggle finding that smooth consistent grind that you’re after.

Unlike many metal grinders, most plastic grinders don’t come with a pollen chamber, so worse yet, you won’t be able to accumulate any kief.

What your grinder is made of is important to consider and so is the brand you choose.  Don’t make an amateur mistake and choose a cheap plastic  or metal grinder based on price alone.  Many experienced smokers refer to plastic herb grinders as something designed for tourist, not something that an adult or serious smoker would ever reach for. Overall, metal grinders from a top brand are the ones that provide more reliability, durability and consistency.

Don’t waste your money on a cheap grinder that contaminates your green, go with the best grinder your money can buy by choosing one of the high-quality aluminum grinders from Kannastör®. Each of our metal grinders is designed with the optimal smoking session in mind, bringing out more flavor, aroma and tastes with every grind. Discover the difference a Kannastör® grinder can make for you and shop our selection of premium herb grinders today.

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