Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Grinder Screen

Using a metal herb grinder has become common practice for smokers.   It’s also become very popular for grinders to have additional chamber, separated by a mesh screen, that can capture the pollen from herbs being ground into a smooth base tray, accumulating  for later use.   The pollen is highly desired because of it’s concentrated potency, however, due to its small particle like size, and sticky texture, the screen over time tends to become clogged and prevent additional pollen from being extracted and separated from the herb grounds.

Reclaiming Your Kief

To reclaim this kief, place the screen in a Pyrex glass dish and pour just enough rubbing alcohol to cover the screen. Agitating the screen while it soaks helps to remove some of the kief, but depending on how clogged your multi-stage grinder has become, you may also need to use a toothbrush to gently remove the stubborn residue.

How often you need to replace your screen depends some on its size.  Finer wire mesh screens wear out sooner.  Also how often you use your grinder and the type of herb you are running through it is a factor. High-grade herb will get your screen sticky much more quickly. If your screen has become torn, misshaped or pulled out along the edge, it is time for a grinder screen replacement – or if your grinder does not allow you to replace your screen, you likely will need a new grinder.

Once all the greenish gold color has seeped into the solution, your mesh screen is clean and you can begin the evaporation stage of reclamation. You can speed this up by using a blow dryer, but you need to be careful not to overdo it as you can end up blowing away your kief. Make sure you turn off the blow dryer while a thin layer of liquid remains. Leave this to finish evaporating and you can turn this into hash or vape it.

Which Mesh Screen is Best for You

There are a couple of different grades of screens you can use in your weed grinder, with 40, 60, 80 and 100 mesh screens available from Kannastör®.  Grinder screen replacements may be needed or desired for any number of reasons, including those discussed above, but most times it is simply to change the mesh count of your screen to achieve a finer sift and more potent pollen.  Grinders have screens to filter out highly potent crystals called kief. These are saved and either turned into hash or sprinkled into joints or in a bowl, the choice is yours. A fine wire mesh screen will prevent larger plant material from passing through, resulting in a more concentrated collection of Keif.

The 40 wire mesh screen allows particles of 420 microns and smaller to pass through easier, while the 60 mesh screen allows less particulate to pass through as it has smaller spaces between the mesh and so on. A 40 mesh screen will have approximately 40 wire threads per inch and a 60 mesh screen has 60 threads per inch. The higher the number, the smaller the spaces between the mesh strands, and the finer the particulate captured. Depending on how you are going to use your kief, select a mesh screen size compatible with your desired result. If you are wanting to make oil or resin, you may want to go as high as a 100 fine mesh screen, otherwise, using a 40 mesh screen or a 60 mesh screen should do the trick.

Tips to Keep in Mind

If you haven’t purchased your herb grinder yet, stick to high quality, anodized aluminum metal grinders.  Some wood grinders may leech out their varnish and stains, contaminating your weed and, in effect, poisoning you.  Others, such as by RYOT®, use a vegetable based stain, but don’t offer the same level of durability and can be more likely to jam up over time.   Plastic grinders are easily cracked while grinding; one twist too far and it splits. There are plenty of great quality metal grinders available with multi-stage chambers that allow you to store your weed and to collect your kief.  No matter which one you choose, make sure you remove the triangular scraper that most include. Leaving this under the screen can damage your screen, not to mention it will be covered in kief.  It’s better to keep this tool in the main herbs chamber so that it can help agitate for more kief to drop through.  Keeping your grinder and screen clean will allow you to get years of service out of them, but it is nice to know that if your fine wire mesh screen is damaged, you can easily replace it.

Keep your screens fresh and clean with the patent pending Easy Change™ screens only from Kannastör®.  All of their high-quality metal herb grinders and interchangeable screens allow you to customize your grind, mixing and matching until you find the perfect grinder combination to fit your unique taste or tastes. When it comes to smoking, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste, aroma and quality. Take your smoking sessions to new heights and experience the best your herbs have to offer with help from Kannastör®.

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