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The Kannastör Grinder

There are grinders, and then there are Kannastörs—premium multi-pieced grinder, storage, and keef jars all built into one single portable unit. And once you get the hang of all their uniquely customizable plates and compartments, there’s really nothing quite like it.

Each Kannastör GR8TR is built with several patent-pending interchangeable plates, chambers, and containers that stack up, screw, and twist together into one single bad-ass grinder. And all the materials are made with 60/61 hardened aluminum and chemically bathed and anodized before finally being inspected by hand, so you never have to worry about any build issues or malfunctions.

As for the actual grinder itself, it’s a true beast and works magic with your buds. Built with an innovative Micro-Teeth and Press (MTP) design, the patented grinder utilizes heavy-duty, magnetically secured micro-teeth that shred your buds from both the top and the bottom while at the same time gently pressing through the grinds, offering a near-perfect grind every time you use it.

And the physical part of the grinding has been made easier too thanks to the Kannastör GR8TR’s innovative friction and residue rings. These unique rings allow for super-smooth grinding by greatly reducing the friction that’s typically created between the outer and inner walls of a grinding chamber, effectively creating an “air ride” of sorts that provides for smooth and effortless grinding every time you twist. Plus the rings also do double-duty as a residue collector, ensuring that every grind is just as smooth as the very first one with minimal cleaning and maintenance required.

Beyond the actual grinder, storage was also an important consideration when designing the GR8TR unit, and after taking several different sized units out on the go through the streets of New York, it’s obvious the Kannastör got it right. Not only is there a small removable storage compartment at the top of the grinder, there’s also a storage unit in the middle and at the bottom, with the bottom one designed with yet another patent-pending innovation—the Easy Change Screen. This removeable mesh screen comes in four different mesh styles and serves as a tiny keef box of sorts, collecting your fine crystals, hairs, and pollen into a small storage compartment discreetly built underneath the body of the unit. Yes, that’s right, you now have a portable keef box that’s small enough to go everywhere you go. And in the event you don’t feel like taking the entire unit with you, you can just combine the lid and the base to create an even smaller storage “puck” that’s capable of housing your newly grinded blend.

And the best part? All these different plates, compartments, and chambers are completely customizable, so you can mix and match between different pieces and different sized units for whatever your ultimate preference is.

Like we said in the very beginning, there are grinders, and then there are Kannastörs. Premium, smooth, and completely customizable, these bad boys are the ultimate choice when it comes to grinding and storing your buds on the go. And they look like it too. Happy grinding.








Photography by Asher Wilens

  1. U want the best grinder u know what to get me I’m loving my kannastor jar gr8tr smoothets grinder ever. With changeable blade and screen wow man! What other company can compare to this one ? I say none! stick with the best! Keep on grinding people have a gr8tr day

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