The Secrets to Getting a Perfect Grind Every Time

If you grind herbs and spices of any kind, then an herb grinder may be a necessity for you. Grinding herbs on a regular basis can quickly become tiresome if you do it by hand. A grinder offers a much more efficient means of getting your herbs or spices to the consistency that you need them to be. Once you know how to choose the right grinder, your next step is trial and error to learn how to grind whatever you’re grinding to perfection. The following are a few ideas on how to achieve an optimal grind every time.

Choose the Best Grinder for Your Needs

Your first step will be to choose a grinder that meets your needs. Instead of wasting money on a plastic grinder that may not last more than a few uses, buying a metal herb grinder is generally advisable. A metal spice grinder made from high-quality anodized aluminum will ensure durability and performance with every use. This means that you won’t need to replace it quickly like you probably will if you use a plastic one.

Why a Manual Grinder May Be Better

While an electric grinder may seem easier to use than a manual one, you may ultimately discover that a manual herb grinder is a better option overall. Electric grinders consume more space than the manual kinds and ultimately over-grind your herbs making them difficult to consume. Manual herb grinders are also easier to take with you whenever you wish to use them away from home, do not require electricity or batteries and ultimately provide a better more consistent grind every time.

Consider a Four-Piece Grinder

Manual herb grinders typically come in two to four pieces. If consistency and quality are concerns for you, then a four piece grinder is probably the best choice. Using this kind of grinder will help to ensure that you get a superior grind every time you use it, and an excellent grind is the key to releasing an ideal aroma – as well as getting the desired effect from the herb or spice you are grinding.

Maintain the Quality of Your Herbs

Whether you’re grinding herbs to smoke or to vape, maintain the quality of your herb using a storage container which will make a huge difference and keep your herbs fresh longer. Higher quality, fresh herbs will generally taste and smell better when they’re being smoked or vaped, and they will typically yield better results overall.

Grind Only the Amount That You Need

Once your herb is ground, its flavor and aroma are released. This is one reason grinding herbs and spices can be such an enjoyable thing to do. However, this also means that once an herb or spice has been ground, it will not be as potent a week or two later. In the case of some herbs, the aroma and flavor may lose their potency within a day or two of being ground. To avoid wasting your precious product, try to grind only what you will need and use immediately. Once you need more of your spice or herb of choice, you can grind it accordingly.

Be Sure Your Herb or Spice is Dry and Ground Sufficiently

Always be sure that the item you’re grinding is sufficiently dry. A spice or herb that is moist will be very difficult to consume properly and can take longer to grind. If you attempt to grind an herb or spice that is not dry, you will likely find the entire process to be messy and potentially clog your grinder. Much of the product may adhere to the grinder, and you may find it difficult to extract it from the device. Additionally, any herb or spice that is being smoked or vaped should be moderately dry and maintain a relative humidity of 60-70% for the best results. Moisture can actually make the smoke or vapor harsher and less enjoyable.

You should also ensure that you have ground the herb or spice adequately. Most high end Aluminum metal grinders have a specifically designed drop through hole pattern to achieve the perfect grind every time, so grind and once the top grinding chamber is empty, your grounds can be retrieved knowing they are perfectly ground.. This is especially important when you are vaping instead of smoking your product;  dry herb that is more finely ground will produce a more consistent, higher quality vapor.

Grinding herbs and spices is a great way to maximize their consumption potential and get the most out of the aromas and flavors. Always use quality ingredients, and be sure to use a quality grinder crafted from quality hardened aluminum metal. When you grind the right ingredients with the right equipment, the results will be a perfect grind every time.

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