What Grinder is Right for You?

If you have a need to smoke, but you find that the act itself is causing too much of an effect on your lungs, you aren’t alone. Many people who share your interest find that vaping is a solution that solves their problem. By using a grinder, you can grind your herbs, spices and other smokable materials into a much finer solid, that can then be used in a vaporizer to ensure that you get the quality you need without the cough that hurts. This also makes it easier to get the maximum benefit from your smokables. Grinders take your smoking sessions to the next level in the same way a coffee grinder makes coffee a lot better than boiling the coffee beans in water: it maximizes flavor and effect, concentrating it into something enjoyable. If vaping sounds like a great solution, but you have no idea what a multi-chamber grinder is, read on.

A Short Note About Plastic Grinders

Don’t buy a plastic grinder. A grinder is an investment, something that you’ll treasure over time. Many grinders are demonstrative of genuine craftsmanship, and when you choose a grinder, you should feel comfortable with it. It should be something that means something, like the classical cigarette lighter.   Plastic grinders, by universal standards, are terrible, and exist only for temporary use, which is why they go by their usual name, disposable grinders.

The Multi-Chamber Grinder

Multi-chamber grinders are usually treated as top of the line grinders because they have multiple chambers, meaning that you can keep both the grounds and sift out pollen or keif in the different chambers of the same grinder. Are they more effective than single chamber grinders because of this?  This depends on your use and preferences.  Indeed, many people own both single and multi-chamber grinders, because a single chamber’s biggest benefit is portability.  However, without drop through holes, a 2 piece herb grinder can be more difficult to extract your ground herbs because you have to bang the pieces together to remove the ground herbs.  Basically the question you have to ask yourself is ultimately:  What do I want out of my grinder and how often do I expect to use it? If you want to sift as well as well as grind, you’ll need a 4 piece multi-chamber grinder.  If you aren’t interested in sifting, you can use either a 2 piece single chamber, a 3 piece dual chamber or a Kannastor GR8TR Vape.

A Word About Mesh Screens

One thing to keep in mind when discussing vaping or smoking is the use of mesh screens.  Mesh should be made of either stainless steel, silk or monofilament.  The size of the holes determines what exactly drops through.  If the holes are large, herbal matter can drop through with the pollen, making it less pure, but offering a higher yield of smokable concentrate.  If they are too small, pollen yield will be small, but the results will be more pure.  By experimenting with different sizes, you can determine what works best for your tastes.

The GR8TR Grinder

While single chamber and multi-chamber effectively references all grinder options, the new GR8TR grinder line from Kannastor incorporates the best of both worlds.   With the ability to create either fine or course grounds, the GR8TR allows the user to control the results so that with just one grinder, the user can create a perfect grind for vaporizers, pipes and rolling.  With it’s modular design, creating a slim storage puck can provide exceptional portability, plus the GR8TR can easily be used with or without the sifting chamber.   But since many people value sifting capability, the easy-change screen system is yet another feature that makes the GR8TR is the most versatile herb grinder on the market.

No matter what your grinding needs, nail down the perfect grind every time with help from the high-quality aluminum grinders from Kannastör®. At  Kannastör®, we focus on providing an exceptional smoking session every time, providing you with extraordinary tastes and aromas that are unmatched by other herbal grinders on the market. Discover for yourself the Kannastör® difference and shop our selection of premium quality herb grinders today!

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