You’ve Purchased Your First Vape, Now What?

So you’re new to vaping and you’ve purchased your first vaporizer – now what do you do? Whether you’ve made the purchase because you wish to quit or cut down your smoking or it’s just something that interest you, making a switch to vaping may be a bit more challenging than you thought.

With so many types of “vapes” on the market, many people don’t know quite where to begin to make the transition.  Although many people may start the transition by using disposable vape pens or cheap copy cat vaporizers, the best vaping experience possible requires that you begin with a quality accessories and great tasting flavors.

Knowing what to do first and having knowledge from experienced users can save you hundreds of dollars from trying out different things before finally getting to what you were looking for. If this sounds like what you’re experiencing, then read below.  You’ll find some tips to help you make this a smooth and successful transition, and as economically as possible.

What Exactly is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electrical device used to heat up herbs – but not to the point of combustion – that then allows you to inhale the vapor which consequently is much healthier than inhaling the smoke that comes from traditional combustion.

When it comes to your vaping options, many serious smokers prefer dry herb options over expensive, hard to find oils and waxes.  Dry herbs produce more vapor, better taste and richer aromas for a more complete smoking experience. Vaporizers themselves come in various options ranging from plug-in desktop types to portable pens that allow you to take your vape on-the-go.

Dry herb vaporizers work best when the materials you put in are dry and grounded to a fine consistency.  Whatever moisture is left over in your herbs will lessen the amount of vapor produced and can lead to a harsher smoke.  Finely grinding your herbs also increases the surface are of them which results in the most efficient consumption and smoothest flavor possible.


Accessories to Get You Started

Since finer herbs work to enhance the flavor of your vapor, many people who are passionate about vaping use herb grinders to boost the experience. A quality grind can significantly improve the flavor and aroma of your herb, helping you use much less every time you smoke without losing the quality of your vapor. When it comes to grinders, four-piece multi-chamber grinders tend to be the most popular.

Using multiple chambers and drop through design patterns, a multi-chamber grinder allows a user to easily shred their herbs and sift out pollen, or keif at the same time. As your herb is ground, it drops through the holes to the next chamber, where the grounds rest upon a screen that can capture kief in the base chamber below.

Kannastör® easy-to-change mesh screens can be included to add an extra layer of control to the sifting process. These interchangeable mesh screens come in 40, 60, 80 and 100 mesh sizes, providing you with endless options to experiment with and see what works best according to your personal taste profile.

The Best Grinders for Vaporizing

Some of the best grinders on the market are those made by KANNASTöR®. Their GR8TR™ line includes grinders like none other.

With the evolving personal preferences on the rise, KANNASTöR® soon realized that customers prefer the freedom to customize their grinds so that they are more suitable to their tastes. Piggybacking on the traditional “bed of nails” grinder design, the GR8TR line includes the world’s first and only customizable grinder for effortless and easy grinding of all your herbs, buds and flowers.

No matter if you prefer vaping or smoking your herbs, make sure you’re making the most of your green by choosing from the high-quality metal grinders from KANNASTöR®. Offering exceptional versatility and endless options, our medical grade aluminum grinders are the perfect addition to any serious smoker’s tool belt.  For a quality grind you can count on time and time again, add a KANNASTöR® grinder to your collection today!

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